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Consumer Thoughts and Creations

Our consumers share thoughts and creations that they have made while at Miracles, Inc.

I cried the tears of a thousand souls
But my tears no one would see
Every day I suffered a million deaths
Suffering from my own disease
A needle filled with liquid death
My veins thirsted for every drop
As my entire world collapsed and fell
I still couldn’t seem to make myself stop
My children mourned a mother who still lived
But inside mommy had already died
Empty promises, filled with false hope
Ignoring every tear that they have cried
Selfish attempts to feel temporary joy
Joy which never truly existed
Deep within I screamed and cried
But the drugs just could not be resisted
Covered in dirt, body and mind so exhausted
I stepped back I looked at my life
I no longer knew the image staring back at me
What happened to this mother, daughter, and wife
That very day, this junkie surrendered
To my knees I fell and prayed
I dialed a number once saved on my phone
God led me to my miracle that day
Weeks later I feel like a brand new me
All senses beginning to repair
With a lot of faith, hard work, and help
I no longer live with a soul of fear
So I thank you God for the Miracle
The place that led me back to me
Now when I look into the mirror
I love the image looking back at me….


Categories Miracles, Inc. News | Tags: | Posted on April 4, 2011

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  1. by Tory Hingston

    On August 10, 2011

    Thanks for the post :)

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